Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dell EqualLogic faster then Dell MD3000i

We got told that take 3 to 4 weeks for EqualLogic boxs to come, but only 1 and 1/ weeks... :) it made it the same day as our Dell R900 server, but where is the MD3000i?

So while we wait for MD3000i.. trying to pick Xen or VMWare.

The problem I have with VMware right now is that with out getting VMware Control Center all the cool stuff like creating a system in under 10mins gets way to complex and not easy for my dev guys.

So right now my system team checking out Xen (Microsoft was selling Xen hard at a windows 2008 session). Also Microsoft supports their software running on a Xen, but not on VMWare.

Once we made a choice with VMWare v Xen then get back to building our new cluster.

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