Saturday, March 29, 2008

Layout of new system

Just a layout of the new system and the names of all the servers and storage.

Itanium, EqualLogic, Dynamics AX 5 & Tigerton

I am going to be using this blog to document a project i am working on. Right now we are upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4 (formerly Axapta) to Microsoft Dynamics AX 5 (or AX 2009 as marketing would call it).

We are needing to buy new hardware as we can’t upgraded on our current platform as poor SQL 2005 does not have CPU, RAM or I/O to run our production AX4 and upgrade AX5 the same time.

So I had been given the green lights by management to moving away from our Intel Itanium 64bit server and moving to Tigerton from Intel aka 16core Xeon with Dell R900. I waited for AMD Barcelona for over 6 months.. still nothing to show for it.

Any how, while we where replacing our server looking at how much disks should I buy.. and working out we could get a whole new SAN then try put more into our EMC CX700... So we went way got our self’s Dell EqualLogic box and Dell MD3000i (MD3000i 4 time more cost effective per GB)

To add on top of all of this going to run Windows 2008 Cluster to achieve HA for SQL and iSCSI SAN replication between the two EqualLogic boxs over the WAN.

At the end of all of this going to have 3 IA 64bit boxs... anybody played with Xen VM with IA64?..

I will update you guys once the hardware starts getting shipped...