Friday, May 23, 2008

If = 12, you got a problem

So on one of the products we was doing a beta in our live environment, and the upgrade was long but we got their. Come this morning we had 2 problems

The company had stopped supporting Windows 2000 for the software

But the 2nd was very odd, some user could not log in and I was thinking this problem might start to effect others.. After running around pulling people at the Vendor from all around the world we start to see what the problem was.

The e.g. user had the problem no matter what desktop they tried. E.g. user names

Xyeda.Xassan; Xusso.Xouros; Xelal.Xehmet; Xehmet.Xacet; Xonika.Xrasa; Xerdar.Xltun

We finally worked out if the user account was 12 Character only then they could not log in. More or Less then 12 is fine.. only 12 would not let them log in… a few hours later we have a fix.

What this really comes down to is badly written code and design. Where in the back end their might be logic for less then 12 and more then 12 (some one back in v1 of product had limit of the length of user name)

Fun time with Beta software

Live on Beta for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.0

Well it was a long one, but we now running Cisco Unified Contact Center Express version 7, we upgraded from version 5.2.

And its all good :-)

Thats all I am allowed to say

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RTM 22nd May 2008

Well done to the Microsoft Dynamics AX Team for RTM of Dynamics AX 2009 (22nd May 2008), its a greate product that really shows what a group can do with the full Microsoft stack

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps Xbox

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Don't Need No Architects

The Architecture Journal from Micosoft is one the best journals out their, and this month really hits home for me.

"role of an architect in software development has come under attack of late. On software projects, the title Architect is often ambiguously defined and the value provided by architects is not easily quantifiable. The perception that architects live in an "ivory tower" disassociated from the realities of delivering a software solution contributes to some of the animosity toward those of us with the title."

I would check this one out

Also check out

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old Cisco Logo

We just just doing some upgrades on some our Cisco kit.. and this cute little Licence validator app started running and it still has the old Cisco log on it.

I had to log a case as its a Bug :-)

Friday, May 9, 2008

"World's 1st iSCSI optimized switch" Dell PowerConnect, Dell EqualLogic says NO

So we ordered two Dell EqualLogic boxs at huge cost, then we got to the point to order our dell's switch, at which point Dell turned around and said that’s not a good idea and we should order Cisco 3750 and that our current Cisco 4510 SUP V will not do the job.

So I got $200,000 of Dell SAN and $120,000 of Cisco switch. I don’t want to buy any more Cisco switch as so fed up with their products.

Any body got any ideas when Dell going to sort our their own product?