Sunday, April 27, 2008

CBUS Network Install

Here is where all the CBUS Relays (2 x 12 channels and 1 x 4 Chaneels) & CBUS Dimmers come to.

All my lighting, heated floors, central heating and blinds come back into this boxs.

I have 28 Relay channels, 20 Dimmer channels and 80 control actions via the "light switch" (not really a light switch, just an addressable control). Thats 128 address, would been cool if they where IP Address.

On this light switch you can see that I can put text or my own drawings. The top one is used to let the house know I am staying home. If this is switched on then the house will funcation diffrent to when I set the home to being away i.e. heated floors in the bathroom would start up at 6am.

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