Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day doing nothing

SO had one them days when been trying to fix somthing and not knowing where the error is.

Was dealing with two Windows Mobile Data Synchronisation Problems

1 ) Error

“Initializing SQL Server Reconciler has failed”

Our Fix

Don’t use fully qualified DNS names e.g.\sqlname, should be sqlserver\ sqlname in your .net CF code
repl.Publisher = "DAVINCI-SQL\\SQL2005INSTANCE";
Only found this problem due to SQL DB and IIS Replication Server being in different domains
To find the correct name to use “ EXEC sp_helpdistpublisher 'DAVINCI-SQL\SQL2005INSTANCE “
Microsoft use this error way to many place and the internet is full of reasons for it.

2) Error

“The specified validation type is not supported by the Subscriber. The supported validation type is 'Rowcount only (No Checksum)'

Our Fix

Our development system did not have this problem and did not need it to be changed.. But to fix it on our live system we did the following.
On the Distributor Server > Replication > Distributor Properties > Agent Profiles – Profile Default > Merge Agent > Select rowcount validation profile


Anonymous said...

I was having a similar problem and this solved it.Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your second fix regarding the validation resolved an issue we were having, no idea still why we've had to do this but it sorted it.